Noel Smith

4 minute read

Almost every foreigner who has dedicated a significant amount of time in China has had that fearful moment when they realize they could have been kicked out the country or, even worse, landed in a Chinese jail. For some, it’s smoking or buying weed. For others, it’s drunken belligerence or late night altercations with Chinese. There are plenty of ways I’ve seen foreigners wind up in trouble and there are many more possible ways to get in trouble. Yet there is one situation that I…

Noel Smith

2 minute read

Who is Noel Smith? Noel Smith is the brainchild of three Americans in a bar. Despite having met over a decade ago in a third-tier city in northern China, it was only recently during a summer of libation-fueled discussions that we discovered our common desire to share our China stories with the world. Even though we come from various backgrounds, races, generations, and geographical locations, in China, we are the same. We are Noel Smith—the quintessential laowai.

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