Noel Smith

7 minute read

I was four months in China before I finally decided it was time for a burger and fries. Upon my arrival to a little-known provincial capital, I was set on diving deep into the culture, and one way of doing that was by embracing the local cuisine. After all, I went to China to do the craziest thing I could think of, and living in a foreign land to eat hamburgers every day just didn’t make sense. When I finally did break down, when I finally couldn’t stomach another bowl of noodles or kung pao…

Noel Smith

5 minute read

I’ve been known by many nicknames throughout my life. I received my first one when I was just learning to talk. According to legend, my mother yelled my first and middle name when she was angry at me, and in an attempt to parrot her language, I said what my aunts believed to be “Burn da beans.”

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